Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ron-Ron Is Angry!

Ron-Ron, I thought you liked us!

Instead of using his twitter for the forces of good, like smack talking about Andrew Bynum's ability to get into foul trouble, Ron Artest, new small forward for the Lakers, is now using it to trash his former team, the Houston Rockets.

According to his twitter, this is why he's so upset
"Houston did me dirty. I can't wait til next year when we go to Houston. I'm not shooting. All defense. Somebody getting locked da f**k up."

"I still feel blessed but they messed up my bird rights. So it's on as long as I'm in the league."

I'm not going to address the second item (the author is in the article does it better than I could), but the first? Who are you going to lock up, Ron? The offensive powerhouse that is Shane Battier? Trevor Ariza? LOL. (All kidding aside, I love Battier, but he's not exactly a scoring machine.) Maybe Ron's going to concentrate on Aaron Brooks? Derek Fisher can't keep up with him, anyway. Or one of the rookies? Ron loved to play 1-5 on offense when he was on the Rockets, so maybe he'll play 1-5 on defense now and just guard everyone?

Oh well. I hope this "feud" hits the mainstream media. Why? Because maybe they'll actually televise one of the Rockets-Lakers games!

Ron Artest, planning to hand the Rockets their collective asses.
Er, maybe I should've found a pic of him in a Laker uniform.

Slightly OT, but my uterus is angry with me. This is the second time I've gotten my period this month. Maybe the flu is screwing my cycle up?

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