Friday, September 11, 2009

Hola Margarita

I had ordered my third before my friend had even touched her second.

The conversation was that frustrating.

You see, she has this thing with a guy friend. Not an official thing. just a thing. They're like Dawson and Joey, first season.

Only she's Dawson. She doesn't know if she wants Joey or not. And there's no Jen to distract her, either. Basically, she's been doing this dance with the guy for over a year now and this has been my very reasonable advice over the course of a year:

1. You don't fool around with friends who really likes (like-like) you. It's just mean and you're taking advantage of the situation and his feelings for you.
2. You can't just casually date said friend who like-likes you. It's all or nothing.
3. Said friend really isn't a friend at all-he's a low level stalker. He like-likes her and is just hanging around until she changes her mind and decides she wants to do him, I mean date him.
4. Make a decision one way or another- I can't keep talking like I'm in jr. high.

But after a year and three margaritas my advice evolved into:
1. Just do him.
2. Shit or get off the pot.
3. Just do him so I don't have to hear about this anymore.
4. Just do him because the situation can't get anymore awkward.
5. Maybe I need another margarita.